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UFC 82 Preview: How Good Is Jon Fitch's Wrestling?

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Chris Wilson, Fitch's opponent Saturday night, thinks it's fine and dandy, but nothing he hasn't seen before. Notable quote:

Wilson gets to work out with the likes of former UFC middleweight contender and Olympic wrestling silver medalist, Matt Lindland, as well as Chael Sonnen and, of course, the main event challenger for UFC 82 this Saturday, Dan Henderson.

He acknowledges that Fitch is a good wrestler, but he believes he has dealt with better in training.

"Fitch, he may have been captain of the Purdue wrestling team, but sorry, Fitch is no Lindland, Fitch is no Chael Sonnen, Fitch is no Matt Horwich," Wilson said. "I don't think he's got the wrestling skills of the room that I'm in and I don't think he's got the submission skills of the room I'm in, but a fight is a fight."

Wilson is right. Fitch isn't really any of those fighters in terms of wrestling pedigree. But Fitch also puts all of the elements of his game together quite technically. He also happens to be enormous for that weight. Whether Wilson will be able to stop Fitch is a gigantic question, but perhaps he can. I remain skeptical.