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Ken Pavia Describes The Sorrow of Losing

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Two of his pro clients - Carlo Prater and Rob McCullough - actually wound up losing on the same night. Notable quote:

Both Razor and Prater took the losses very hard. Carlo ate and went to bed. I think he had tears in his eyes for two hours and couldn't stop apologizing to both Saul and me. He said it was the most embarrassing moment of his life, and despite our efforts, he was pretty much inconsolable. Razor had to go to the hospital for a few stitches and returned to meet us at Fridays with his posse for some food. He sat across from me in a booth, a blonde on one side and a brunette on the other, and drank Patron and Grey Goose straight from water glasses (he is generally not much of a drinker). His posse moved back to the hotel for some drama in the hot tub, but Razor was quiet and continued to drink. Despite the tug of war for his attention, Razor just wanted to slip away and pass out. I was up most of the night handling "situations" that arose with the posse, the girls that followed, and the alcohol. As a result, I missed my morning flight and had a hell day flying to Miami for EliteXC's "Street Certfified" fights on Showtime.

I'd drink too if my manager asked me to meet him at T.G.I.Friday's for a bite to eat. What, was Applebee's full, Pav?

Update [2008-2-25 19:14:21 by Luke Thomas]:: A reader who attended WEC 32 writes:

On your Pavia blog post, this was the outskirts of Albuquerque on a Wednesday night. In fact, Applebee’s was actually the only place I found open anywhere near the hotel late at night while I was there. This wasn’t exactly Vegas...
Under those circumstances, T.G.I.Friday's might actually be preferable.