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UFC 82 Preview: Dustin Hazelett's Game Plan

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Josh Koscheck better be prepared because Hazelett will be:

He continued, "I'm real good about catching submissions on the way down from takedowns, so that's something I always look to implement. Anytime anyone takes someone down, no matter how good of a wrestler that they are, there's always a split second where they're over-extended or posting on the mat, and that's something that if you're quick you can take advantage of."

Hazelett's training was tailored specifically for Koscheck and he feels he's ready whether it stays standing or goes to the ground. "I've been working a lot of striking because I watched the Diego (Sanchez) fight and I realized that was a very real possibility in that if I couldn't out-strike him that I would be in trouble. That's been one of my top priorities is being able to out-strike him and outwork him off my back. Those are the main two things I've been focusing on."

He added, "I don't' really care if I get taken down, so it really frees up my striking because I don't have to worry about throwing big shots or kicks or anything like that against a wrestler because if they take me down I'm in my guard, which is my strongest place. It really liberates your stand up when you don't have to worry about getting taken down."

Ultimately, I think Koscheck's probably too strong for Hazelett and has underrated submission defense. But the truth is Koscheck is actually a better wrestler than he is a grappler. The lone takedown he scored on Diego Sanchez was followed up with Diego immediately hitting the arm drag to take Koscheck's back. I get the feeling Hazelett is looking to give Koscheck a lot of problems a la Miguel Torres vs. Chase Beebe.

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