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Rene Ayangma

His death, while terribly tragic, appears to be related to "natural causes":

Canadian fighter Rene Ayangma collapsed and died following a workout at the Largo Fitness Centre in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Autopsy results show that he died of natural causes, according to reports by CBC News.

Ayangma had been at the gym as part of his regular workout routine, preparing for his second mixed martial arts bout. His only fight up to that point had been a victory over Chris Doucet at a King of the Cage Canadian event this past December.

His coach, Manny Bueno, told CBC that there was nothing unusual about his workout session when the incident occurred.

"He just was standing in the middle of the ring and he just went over, and that's it," said Bueno. "I thought he was joking around."

An ambulance was called and CPR performed, but medical technicians were unable to resuscitate Ayangma.

The CBC reports indicate that police are examining a supplement that Ayangma was drinking, but his father, Noel Ayangma, was confident that the supplement was not a factor in his son's death.

With something like this, I would rather avoid any speculation at all on my part, but the supplementation line worries me. Does anyone know if ephedra is legal in Canada? I won't blame his passing on that drug and I have ZERO evidence he was even taking it. Besides, I took ephedra for years without a problem. I'm just curious at this point.

Still, though. This story is very sad. Rest in peace, Rene.