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Is Dan Henderson Sluggish at 185lbs?

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That's what Frank Trigg claims in his MMA Junkie column:

However, Henderson's best feature can and might be his biggest weakness: he is such a gifted athlete with incredible strength that he tends not to train hard for his fights. He seems to do better when he is not cutting weight, and he sometimes brings his game up to only as tough as his opponent will be on that night. He will wait for his opportunity and strike with such a force that it will dislocate your eyebrows, but for a long time, he seemed only able to win fights by long, drawn-out decisions.

Gorgeous George, my co-host at TAGG Radio (, and I were talking about this fight, and the gorgeous one has this to say about Henderson: "He's fought some great top fighters, including the UFC's current 205-lb. champ (Jackson) and knocked out the previous 205-lb. PRIDE champ (Silva), but the big question is whether that translates to him having a favorable match up at 185. He just doesn't seem as active at 185, and that is one of the great mysteries of MMA."

What the hell is he talking about?! If a guy drops from 205 to 185, he should be stronger, faster and way more active at a lower weight. Do I believe that? Absolutely! Period! Well, except when it has to deal with Henderson. He is slower and sluggish at 185. He does seem to move a little less and have a lot -- a lot - more patience. So much patience, in fact, that it seems that he will wait for the bell instead of attacking his opponent.

A quick look at Henderson on Sherdog seems to confirm at least part of Trigg's claim: before moving up to KO Wanderlei Silva at PRIDE 33, Henderson went on a four fight decision streak at 183lbs (please jump in and correct me if I'm misremembering the weights some of these fights took place at). He decisioned Belfort and Bustamante and even split a pair of decisions against Kazuo Misaki. But his brutal 2005 demolitions of Akihiro Gono and Ryo Chonan would seem to put the lie to Trigg's claims.