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Brandon Vera vs. Fabricio Werdum at UFC 85

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I emailed Lloyd Irvin - one of Vera's coaches - and he could not confirm that Vera is fighting Werdum at any point in the future. Does that mean he's not? No. My guess is that the reports surfacing are correct, namely, that both fighters have contracts in front of them to fight one another and they simply haven't signed them yet.

My view is that this is a bad fight for Werdum. He's extraordinarily difficult to finish, but Vera's striking and wrestling are the difference makers here. Sure, Vera is a Lloyd Irvin brown belt. He's excellent on the ground despite Werdum's BJJ pedigree and I can attest to that fact with what I've seen personally at two of his fight camps. But that won't matter. Werdum is going to be struggling mightily to get Vera, a Greco-Roman expert, to the ground. And as long as this fight stays on the feet, Werdum is going to get battered with kicks at all levels. Unlike Gonzaga, I don't think Vera will wilt if he gets hit or momentum begins to swing. Werdum has an improved clinch game, but even there Vera is strong and technical. Vera should take a decision here. I am confident in that prediction.