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Tim Boestch Is Ready For Matt Hamill

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I know that's not the most astute point, but from what Boestch is saying that's about all I can glean. Notable quote:

ADCC:  Will Hamill be the best wrestler you have ever fought?

TIM:  I don't think he will be better than Vlady (Vladimir Matyushenko). To date, Vlady is the best wrestler I have ever fought in a professional fight. I have been wrestling my whole life. And I still train hard.  I have some really tough wrestlers that are part of my core training team.  I don't want to take anything away from Matt. He has some very impressive accomplishments in wrestling and I respect everything he has done. But I think my wrestling is better.

ADCC:  Will your training change because of his wrestling and how much time will you spend with your pal Mike Ciesnolevicz as he will be fighting for the IFL two days after your fight?

TIM: No my training will be the same as always -- hard. I will definitely be putting in some time at MFS (Miletich Fighting Systems) to get Mike and I ready for our upcoming fights. I am looking forward to seeing Mike fight. He has had a lot of time off and is ready to get in there and put a stamp on his next opponent.

ADCC:  This fight is probably more important that your fight with Heath.  This will show people that you're not a one hit wonder, do you agree?

TIM: Absolutely. Matt is well known all over from being on The Ultimate Fighter and is thought to be a superb wrestler with freakish strength. A win over Hamill is essential for me to continue climbing the ladder towards the top.

ADCC:  You gave us a prediction last time and we got to ask again.  How does this fight go?

TIM: In a perfect world, double jab, right straight, left liver kick, game over. (laughs)

The problem with fighting Hamill is that his wrestling tends to be lorded over opponents, so they spend their time on their heels constantly worrying about the takedown. I don't think that's going to be the case at all with Boestch whether he is or isn't a better wrestler than Hamill. He's going to take the fight directly to him. That could mean all the difference.