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UFC 81 Live Results Tonight

As we try to do with all major shows we will be providing live results and thoughts on tonight's UFC 81 card.  So make Bloody Elbow your destination for live updates on the show starting at 10:00pm EST.

I will be with you here as the action takes place. So come by to get the results and chime in with your thoughts LIVE as the fights go down.

It just doesn't get any better than an evening of fights and fight talk.  And there's no better place for it than

Update [2008-2-2 12:13:53 by Luke Thomas]:: And don't forget about Any Given Saturday! Tonight after UFC 81, join me and Jeff Hamlin of "Cover 2 Sports" (Chapel Hill, NC) for a breakdown of tonight's action. The show will start at 1 a.m. EST!

Number to call: 646-478-5091