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Wanderlei Silva: Middleweight (Part 2)

Translated from Wandy's Blog:

I just arrived in Vegas and I'm heading to UFC's office to know more about my next fight. Everyone is talking about Jardine but there's nothing official yet, and I think it would be a good opponent because his style matches mine and he would be a good pick for my next fight. At the same time there will be the match between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson which will be a great bout and if Henderson underdogs and wins I wouldn't think twice about dropping weight class to fight him. Respect on the side, I have him stuck on my throat since our last fight because I wasn't on my best days on that ocasion. I'm thinking seriously about changing my weight class on the UFC because I'm very small and the average fighter on here are 1.90cm (6'3).. and at the moment I'm only 1.80 (6'0).. there's been some time that I've been waiting.. but so far I haven't grown anything else and I believe my size will be this! Would you guys like to see me at another weight class?

Yes Wandy...yes I would.  Seriously, were I Dana White I'd be on the phone pushing for Silva to drop to 185 where he isn't going to be on the small end of the division.  Not to mention that the thin 185 division will present some easier wins and a much more attainable title shot.

The only reason that Dana probably hasn't been giving Wanderlei the Dan Henderson treatment is that the fanboy in him wants to see Liddell/Silva II sooner than later.