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UFC Fight Night 13 Now 3 Hours; Fightlinker Rejoices

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Never underestimate the power of the blogger, folks:

Thanks to the hundreds of people who helped spread the word and the thousands of people who have emailed Spike TV, we now have a three hour UFC Fight Night on April 2nd! While we were the main ones stupid enough to think harrassing Spike with emails would cause this change to happen, we wouldn't have succeeded without the support of nearly every blog and forum out there.

This wasn't solely Fightlinker's doing, but they were the ones really turning this into a mini-movement, keeping in communication with the folks at Spike TV and continuously cracking the whip on the rest of us. Spike TV - and the UFC it seems - do listen to the blogosphere after all. So, much respect and credit goes to Fightlinker for proving that the blogosphere is a serious and important force in MMA. This is a small victory, but noteworthy just the same.