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Coroner's Report on Ryan Gracie

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We posted a fair amount on Ryan Gracie's tragic death in December, and as I suspected at the time, it was the massive amount of drugs the family psychiatrist administered when he visited Ryan in jail that did Gracie in. From Gracie Mag:

A little over two months since the death of Ryan Gracie, on December 15, the first toxicology report on the black belt's death was released yesterday by the program Fantastico, on Brazilian television. According to the program, the document stated that Ryan's death was not of natural causes. Listed in the report, therapeutic doses of the medicines midasolan, alprazolan, prometazina, clozapina, haloperidol and the fighter had already used intoxicating substances. Based on analysis of the report, the authorities will determine what caused Ryan Gracie's death. Cardiorespiratory failure seems to be the most probable cause.