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Kimbo vs Buentello: Could It Happen?

If it were up to Paul Buentello, it would. Notable quote:

"People want to see it. I think everybody wants to see it. Me and Kimbo should lace up the gloves," said Buentello. "Everybody wants to see it and I think it's time. He's fighting all the guys I've already knocked out and I've already exposed. He needs to get off that buffet line I put out there and come over to my Paul Buentello taco shop and see if we can get to work."


"Everybody asks me `when are you going to fight Kimbo? You should fight that Kimbo guy,'" said the American Kickboxing Academy fighter. "Just give him much respect, he's been training and accomplished a lot in a year or so. He's really putting his hands together, he's really putting his game plan together."

Buentello says he respects Kimbo's growing MMA game and guarantees a slugfest would ensue.

"I give him much respect. He stepped up. He went from street fighting to MMA and everybody thought he couldn't produce, but he's doing it," stated Buentello.

Kimbo's skill set is narrow, but his boxing is actually pretty clean. This wouldn't be a blowout by any stretch and I even give Kimbo a decent chance to win. One of the X-factor's here is how Kimbo deals with a better kickboxer. A smart gameplan against Slice would be to work the outside while kicking to the legs and body (and eventually the head). He's yet to face anyone who can hurt him in that regard and for sure Buentello could do it. It's a fight I'd definitely pay to see.