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Veiled Racism Towards Kimbo Slice Alert

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If Kimbo Slice were white, you'd have never heard of him. In fact, if Kimbo looked like Fedor he wouldn't even be headlining local shows, let alone Showtime. Kimbo is not a bad fighter. He's just not a top 50 heavyweight. His popularity comes from the same suburban white kids who want to be black because they somehow equate being black with being tough. These are the wiggers who have spinning rims on their cars, have gold teeth in their mouths, and actually put effort into talking to sound black. You even have guys like Mayhem on his nuts which absolutely amazes me. I guess it shouldn't since Mayhem is walking around with a "grill" in his mouth, but if anything, Kimbo should be sucking Mahem's dick. Put Kimbo in right now with a top 10 heavyweight and it doesn't last 2 minutes. Period.

-- Sean McCorkle, pro MMA fighter, engaging in analysis that is filled with mind numbing platitudes and "definitely" not at all thinly veiled racism. I mean, of all the things this breathtakingly idiotic comment could be, racist is for sure at the bottom of the list. For sure.