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Ricco Rodriguez: Is This What a Comeback Looks Like?

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While it wasn't pretty, some commenters thought that Ricco Rodriguez deserved the decision against the highly touted Antonio Silva Saturday night.

Sherdog scored the fight 29-28 for Ricco and the estimable Leland Rolling didn't go so far as to give Rodriguez the fight but he was impressed:

First, it was a chance to see where Ricco Rodriguez stood as far as his technical skills are concerned. He's recently been stating that he had been looking to shed the pounds and get back into the game competitively. His weight loss wasn't there on Saturday, but that was probably because Silva comes in at 265 and looks lean and sculpted. Ricco's strategy was likely to make Silva work for the takedowns.

Ricco did manage to look much crisper in his style during the fight. He wasn't leaving himself open for the counter, and his ground and pound was at least effective in scoring points to win the rounds. Unfortunately for Ricco, he was dominated in the second round of the fight, and the third was arguably Silva's round due to the first few exchanges.

I used to be a big fan of Ricco back in the day -- before he broke my heart with pathetic performances against Tim Sylvia and Pedro Rizzo that sandwiched a credible but losing performance against Big Nog -- and would love to see him mount a real comeback. The real bummer of the Big Nog loss was that Ricco had beaten him in a submission match at ADCC a couple years earlier. Check this bit of old school glory haters:

Actually the real bummer of his loss to Big Nog was that under any rule set but PRIDE's Ricco would've won. Here's hoping Ricco can get back in shape, back on track and fulfill the potential that once shone so brightly.