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Live Blogging Elite XC: Kimbo vs Tank

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Sorry for the late start -- had some technical difficulties.

Rogers came out and represented. Thompson came in with his patented spaz rush, Rogers stayed cool. Thompson went for the takedown, ate a knee and a combination of punches to the face and went out.

Great little fight! Edwards landed some nice shots on the feet before Berto got him down. They tussle on the ground for a while -- Berto threatens a guillotine but doesn't have guard. Edwards gets free and goes for a kimura. Nothing there, they get back to their feet after a restart and as time is running out on the round, Berto is going for a single leg and Edwards lands an amazing flying knee. A totally novel move. [Note: I liveblogged Uriah Faber winning with the same exact move not long ago and totally forgot about it. Getting old.] Great to see Edwards back to his winning ways. Goldberg brings up K.J. Noons in the post fight chat. Edwards is ready for Noons. I'd love to see Edwards vs Nick Diaz.

Here comes Noke. I'm the only BE staffer who picked Smith. I hope the Aussie doesn't screw me here.They feel each other out standing. Crowd is booing. Noke throwing some jabs. Smith pressing forward. More boos. Noke with a couple low kicks. Noke is sticking and moving and frustrating Smith but not really doing any damage. Front kick by Noke. More boos. Smith starts throwing some kicks as the time runs out in the round. Noke has a small cut under the eye. Oh my! Smith KOFO's Noke 7 seconds into the 2nd round. Wow. Smith HURT Noke with a right hand. Smith calls out Robbie Lawler after the fight. That would be fun.

Here comes Ricco. Let's see how his stint on celebrity rehab...I mean at Xtreme Couture has prepped him for a return to serious competion. And Antonio "Big Foot" Silva is definitely serious competition. Silva lumbers down the ramp into the cage. Thats one ominous dude. Ricco doesn't look to be in very good shape. Very little going on. Ricco's belly jiggles as he throws punches. Silva corners him and throws a flurry but no damage done. Silva lands a snapping jab. No one is even thinkin takedown here. Ricco throws a flying knee to the body before getting a single leg takedown. Working in Silva's guard, landing a couple elbows. Have to give Ricco the round based on the takedown. Silva lands some shots to open round 2. Ricco catches a leg and almost gets another takedown. Ricco working a single leg up against the cage. Ricco falls and Silva lands some shots. Silva gets side control, landing some elbows. Ricco fights back to 1/2 guard, then guard but Silva is still landing shots. Ref stands them back up, Doctor is looking at Ricco's eye -- he says he can't see out of it. But they put him back in there. Did he wink at the cam? Ricco throws a weak spinning back kick and shoots. Silva stuffs it and goes for an anaconda choke. Round ends with Silva in Ricco's 1/2 guard. 2 rounds to 0 for Big Foot. Round 3 and Silva gets a takedown. Back to Ricco's 1/2 guard. Ricco gets full guard. Silva landing some GnP but nothing devastating. The boo birds are back. Ref stands them up. They trade some ugly kicks before Ricco shoots for a single leg and gets Silva down. Ricco ends the fight on top. I'd have to score it 29-28 for Silva, but impressive for Ricco to take it to a decision against Silva. Kind of a step back for Silva. Judges agree, Silva wins by split decision.

Oh jesus. Some kind of rapsical interlude. Yeesh. Not what I want to see when I'm watching a fight. Let's see some prelim fights. Ugg.

Here comes Tank. He's looking pretty good. And pretty angry. Kimbo gets a big welcome from the hometown crowd. Ambles down to the cage. Kimbo is sporting a very stylish crescent moon shaved into his chest hair. Tank is pacing back and forth, very agitated. Kimbo has a very cold stare. Here they go. They trade punches. Tank shoots for a take down. Kimbo knocks him down then punches the back of Tank's head so ref restarts it. Kimbo knocks Tank with a vicious series of rights and lefts. Tank drops like a bag of cement. Tank was landing shots but they seemed to have no effect on Kimbo. Kimbo and Tank make nice and hug after the fight.

I believe I had a perfect night of main card picks. The only BE man to do it. Kyle Noke let everybody else down.