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Kimbo Slice (1 - 0) vs. Tank Abbott (9 -13)

Luke Thomas: The gamble here is that there are as many questions about their ability as there are answers. That being said, you have to think Tank's 1-7 slide is a big red flag. In fact, if you discount his win over Cabbage in 2003, he hasn't won since UFC 17. Maybe Kimbo is only a UFC 17-level fighter, but I doubt it. He looks to be in incredible shape, well-coached and unintimidated by the main event pressure. Provided he doesn't get reckless, Kimbo will land the right hand after an early flurry from Tank followed by heavy shots on top until the ref steps in. Kimbo, TKO, round 1.

Brent Brookhouse: Kimbo looked patient in his last fight, more so than I thought he would. I figure he is careful to pick and choose when to bang letting tank gas out. I see it getting to the second round (despite all the 30 seconds and done picks out there) when Kimbo puts a dent in Tank's skull. Kimbo Slice by tko round 2.

Kid Nate: Kimbo is younger, better conditioned and hungrier. Losing has been a long standing habit for Tank and I don't think this is the fight where he turns it around. Kimbo will likely take him down. Kimbo by Ground and Pound.

Michael Rome: I think with Bas coaching him Kimbo will just outwork Tank, gas him out, and then finish it, though I wouldn't be surprised by an upset. At + 350 I have money on Tank, it should be interesting. Kimbo via TKO.

Nick Thomas: Fight starts off slow, Tank gasses, Kimbo gets a take down, some ground and pound, hell maybe even a submission. Kimbo by superior training.

Ricco Rodriguez (27 - 7) vs. Antonio Silva (9 - 1)

Luke Thomas: Hats off to Ricco for trying to get his life back on track. He's now sober (not sure for ho long) and trained with Randy Couture at X-Treme Couture to prepare for this fight. I expect him to look better than he has in a long time. That being said, Silva is a little too much, too soon. "Bigfoot" is agile, very technical, heavy-handed and well-coached/trained. Ricco is very technical as well, but I just don't see much killer instinct in him these days. Here's to hoping that after this fight he can recapture it. Silva, by decision.

Brent Brookhouse: Ricco is likely in a better mental state than he has been in a long time and I'd love to pick him, but I think Silva wins a tough decision. Silva by decision.

Kid Nate: Silva is too much for today's Ricco. He might've been too much for Ricco in his glory days. Silva by TKO in 1.

Michael Rome: I think Silva is the real deal, this should be a good test. I always want to see Ricco back in form, but it never quite happens. I think Silva takes it via tko.

Nick Thomas: My mancrush pick is back... this time it's for Antonio Silva. I remember picking Jonathan Wiezorek to win last time. Don't know what I was thinking there. Silva by TKO in the first round.

Yves Edwards (32 - 13 - 1) vs. Edson Berto (13 - 4 - 1)

Luke Thomas: A very close and excellent match-up stylistically. Edwards went a slide by counterfighting (albeit against TOUGH opponents), but he seems to have made the right adjustments by taking up residence at American Top Team. Berto comes from a strong lineage of fighters and between his brothers has excellent boxing and wrestling preparation. While Berto is perfectly capable of winning this fight, I don't think he's going to show the veteran Yves anything he hasn't seen before. And don't underestimate Yves' groundgame. Yes, he's a counter grappler, but a very good counter grappler. Edwards, TKO, round 3.

Brent Brookhouse: I just can't ever pick against a guy I like so much...and I think a motivated Edwards is still a handful for anyone. Plus the dude has a smiley face on his happy pants. Yves by tko late in the fight.

Kid Nate: I'm hoping Yves can turn it around. Berto is respectable competition but Edwards used to be near the top of the game. Here's hoping: Edwards by decision.

Michael Rome: Tough fight to call. Berto is the guy they want to push in the future, but I'm gonna stick with Yves' experience. Edwards via decision.

Nick Thomas: I still have nightmares of Yves Edwards losing to Mike Brown on BodogFight Season 1. Will Yves let history repeat itself and lose by decision? I sure as hell hope not. ATT has giving Yves some of his fire back. So I'm going with Edwards by staying off the undercards.

James Thompson (14 - 7) vs. Brett Rogers (5 - 0)

Luke Thomas: People don't know much about Team Bison's Rogers, and while I don't get the sense from seeing his fights that he's overly technical, I do see that he's both patient and heavy-handed. Thompson is now at X-Treme Couture and that should help his technique, but his chin is extra suspect and an opponent like Rogers - patient, hits hard - is kryptonite for the Brit. Rogers, KO, round 1.

Brent Brookhouse: Thompson isn't a guy I ever will be fooled into picking again, he's a bit too likely to fight like a dorky spaz. Rogers by ko.

Kid Nate: I doubt Thompson has gotten any less spastic. Rogers by cool, calm and collected.

Michael Rome: Should be a slugfest, I think Rogers wins rather easily. Thompson has lost 5 of his last 7 fights, and has not looked good of late. Rogers via KO.

Nick Thomas: Rock em Sock em Heavyweights and Thompson's head is going to be the first to pop. Upset #1. Rogers by TKO.

Kyle Noke (14 - 3- 1) vs. Scott Smith (12 - 5)

Luke Thomas: Another close call, but you have to think Noke's got the advantage. Smith is heavy-handed and actually has a background in wrestling, but at the elite MMA level can't seem to bring those talents to bear. Moreover, I am not the least bit impressed with Smith fight team and fight prep. I'm sure the heavy-handed middleweight is going to be in shape, but the Aussie Noke has been training with Greg Jackson. That means better gameplan, better sparring partners. Noke struggled early against Seth Kleinbeck, but eventually pulled out the win. Noke, by submission, round 2.

Brent Brookhouse: Noke by TKO...I can't see anything but a Noke win here.

Kid Nate: Gotta go with Smith here. He's got glaring holes in his game, but I don't think Noke has the wrestling to put him down and keep him down. Smith by TKO.

Michael Rome: This should be good. I think Smith is there just so they can talk about Noke beating a UFC fighter. I think Noke takes this early via TKO.

Nick Thomas: When Smith first bust into the UFC scene, I was a big fan, then he went 1-3. All Smith can do is stand and bang and sadly that's not going to be enough. Noke by being well rounded.


Dave Herman (9 - 0) vs. Mario Rinaldi (6 - 2)

Luke Thomas: Herman is big and athletic, but hasn't fought anyone near the caliber of Rinaldi. He also fights at a very slow pace, something the very aggressive and athletic Rinaldi is sure to exploit. Rinaldi, by decision.

John Doyle (6 - 2) vs. Rafael Feijao (4 - 1)

Luke Thomas: Doyle is tough as nails, but Feijao's fight prep - Team Black House - and submission acumen (not to mention his size) will be the likes of which Doyle's never seen before. Feijao, by submission, round 2.

Jon Kirk (10 - 2) vs. Yosmany Cabezas (3 - 0)

Luke Thomas: Yosmany is an unorthodox fighter (has a background in karate in judo), but is relatively inexperienced. I'm not overly impressed with Kirk, but I'll give him the nod here due to experience. Kirk, by decision.

Eric Bradley (1 - 1) vs. Mikey Gomez (7 - 3)

Luke Thomas: Bradly is a fantastic boxer and wrestler and I think he'll do well here. He's a physical specimen and provided he doesn't get submitted by Mikey Gomez's submission acumen, he'll do well in this fight and Elite XC. Bradly, by TKO, round 2.

Lorenzo Borgameo (1- 0) vs. Mike Bernhard (1 - 0)

Luke Thomas: Borgameo seems game, but has been fighting partly in Europe. Bernhand, by contrast, is an excellent wrestler. You have to go with the strength and control of the American. Bernhard, by decision.