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The HDNet Suit

I'm just catching up on the news of HD Net filing a suit for declaratory relief on Randy's contract.  I expected this move since the beginning, but I expected it to be from Randy's lawyers rather than HD Net.

I'm not sure why it's HD Net doing the suing, I presume there is a strategic reason to have this Texas court do it.  My guess is that it's a trial balloon of sorts.  If the court reads it the way Randy wants it read, it's persuasive precedent for a Nevada court in the future.  If it's read in the way Zuffa wants it, it still isn't binding, but they know where they stand.

My other immediate thought is this tends to lend credence to the whole conspiracy angle of Zuffa's original suit.  It's not winning evidence or anything, but the fact that HD Net is suing in order to get Randy free to fight implies a lot.