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Edson Berto Plans to "Surprise" Yves Edwards

Apparently he's got some tricks up his sleeve:

KM: What do you think of fighting Yves?

EB: It is going to be a good fight, a good opportunity. He has been around and everybody knows Yves. Our styles are much the same. He has good hands and I can throw hands as well. He has been training with American Top Team and I think Yves is pretty much going to want to take it to the ground. He has a lot of strengths so I'm going to make something happen and surprise everybody.


KM: How else do you look at this fight?

EB: I'm the underdog and in a fight anything can happen. Some people say "Yves is going to kill this kid" but they are not the ones that are going to get in the cage. Most people don't know what I can do. It is going to be a good fight and going to be a surprise.

His statement that Yves will want a ground fight is clear bait and switch tactic. Yves is very good on the ground, but more of a counter grappler than offensive takedown machine. For sure Yves will want to keep this fight on the feet despite Berto's acumen. But you have to know this will be close and the question of whether Edwards is really back will certainly be answered.