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Happy Birthday: Turns 1 Year Old

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What a year it's been. Things certainly started off slow. Nate was trying to get this site off of the ground in his spare time and I was blogging over at Mad Squabbles. Nate asked me if I'd be willing to start blogging here for a little change and then ultimately, he offered me the site. From there, everything snowballed. Not just the site, of course, but the sport itself. Talk about getting our foot in the door at the right time. Since then we've added members to the staff and positioned this site as one of the top online destinations for analysis, opinion and news.

I never expected any of this, though. Yes, I'd hoped for it, but had failed at developing other blogs in the past and so just blogged to blog. Nothing more, nothing less. Then people started reading. And then more people started reading. And before I knew it, this damn blog took over my life! But I wouldn't change anything for a second. This blog has given me a platform to opine, learn more about the sport, exchange ideas with others, get access into the fight world itself and more. It's been one of the most unexpected but welcomed blessings.

But this site would be nothing if not for a few people. First, the writers and editors here. Just as much as I, they keep this ship sailing on weekends, nights and holidays. They each provide something valuable to the content and I believe I've got a team any editor would dream to have.

I also want to thank the Sports Blog Nation for giving me this opportunity. And don't forget, v2.0 is coming very soon!

A quick thanks is due to Ryan Harkness of Fightlinker. He is the one who created the current logo. Thanks, champ.

I have to give a particular thanks, though, to one person who got this ball rolling: Kid Nate. He's the one who convinced the folks at SBN to have a MMA blog and started blogging before the sport really took off and before I was even a part of it. His contribution is really the one that made everything else possible, so a huge tip of the hat for his vision and commitment to MMA.

Lastly, thanks to you - the readers. February will mark the seventh consecutive month where viewers/hits outpaced the previous month. I remember when I first started blogging I was excited to see 100 people visit my site in a day. Now I more than quadruple that in an hour. It's because there's a dedicated fan base out there thirsting for the content the MSM bypasses. I'm glad to have each and every one of you and I hope to have many more in 2008.

So, happy birthday, Best wishes to us all.