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Special Edition of "Lift The Ban Watch"

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I'll get right down to it: the Maryland state legislature is considering legalizing MMA and will hold two committee hearings (one Senate, one House) on February 26th and March 5th. And amazingly, your's truly has been asked to testify before the committees!

A week or so ago, I posted news that Maryland was considering this legislation. In the comments section, the very delegate who introduced the bill posted a comment. I emailed him at the address he used to sign up with and pledged my support to the cause. His office has called me back and asked me to prepare a statement just a few minutes long on what sort of economic impact legalizing the sport will have.

So, I NEED YOU: if you have any information on how legalization can impact the state, EMAIL ME. This would include revenue from large events coming to town (and the visitors staying at hotels, shopping, etc. would bring with them), revenue from small events, growth of fight schools, apparel shops, etc. Anything and everything you've got, I want to see.

It's a small, but pretty cool opportunity and I'm glad to say in some small way I was able to help the sport grow. But, I couldn't have done it unless I had turned this site into something, and for that I thank all of the editors/writers of this site and, of course, YOU the readers. Thank you all.