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How To Bet On Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott

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Don't take it all too seriously and just cheer for the guy carrying your cash:

Tank Abbott comes into this fight with a ton of baggage and a huge losing streak. At 42 years of age, Tank has had a rough go at it in his recent fights.  He's boasting a lackluster 1-7 record in his last 8 fights. People who remember Tank from the nineties understand that he was once a good fighter, but he's really fallen off the radar since then. As the odds change, they continue to help Tank and I think this makes him the best value bet in this fight. The smart money will definitely be bet on Tank. With that said, I won't be putting any substantial amount of money down on this fight. There's way too many unknowns with each fighter to bet a lot on this fight. This is the perfect fight to throw a few bones down on and cheer for whoever you bet on.