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The Case Against The UFC 83 Ticket Pre-Sale

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An angry Canadian fan makes it:

Then the UFC made tickets available to all those who were able to be at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The UFC had also indicated that those fans who received updates via e-mail would get a shot at tickets. Well, that never happened, the opportunity was withdrawn. So, if you waited you had the opportunity to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster. Well, guess what ... all the tickets were sold out in less than one minute, leaving many to believe they were already all sold out prior to Ticketmaster's release.

This showed a total lack of respect for fans as numerous scalpers gobbled up the tickets and are now selling them on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money.

It's just another example of how true fans get weaselled out of tickets. Dana White, the UFC president, should have capped the pre-sales. After all, those fans who have long supported the UFC deserved the chance at tickets, not the scalpers.

The UFC probably didn't expect this sort of response when the tickets went on sale. They'll likely adjust their policy from here on out.