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Chuck Norris And The World Combat League

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They are at it again, spreading talking points however and whenever they can:

The 67-year-old Norris, whom Morrison says attends every WCL match, has spent $6 million out of his own pocket trying to cut into a market dominated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The biggest difference between his league and most ultimate fighting competitions is that WCL fighters aren't allowed to go to the mat to wrestle, choke or pound each other. They can't hold onto each other and are penalized for stalling.

"Everybody sees this as more exciting than UFC because when the fighting goes to the ground it can be very boring," Morrison said. "Our league promotes full-throttle action."

I cannot tell you how sorry the WCL is, not only for being outright adversarial with the UFC but for also putting on a very sub-par product.

What's interesting is that a representative from the WCL contacted me and asked that I pass on info to you - the readers of the site - about upcoming WCL events. Yet, directly in the press release they gave me was more of their anti-MMA talking points, most notably, "Knock outs, not tap outs." Just as I told that rep then I will tell you now: I will never - NEVER - support Chuck Norris or the WCL until this "us vs. them" positioning is gone. Period.

What makes this worse is that Norris is a black belt in BJJ under the Machado brothers. For him to insult their contribution by adopting the redneck view that ground action is boring should be enough to hang his head in shame, to say nothing of his Mike Huckabee endorsement (evolution anyone?).

So please, if anyone from the WCL is reading this, do yourselves a favor and do not contact me. If you do, I will not only ignore all of your requests to help your league, I will openly encourage this site's readers to boycott anything and everything to do with the WCL.