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Could There Be A Fedor vs. CroCop Rematch?

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It certainly seems possible:

A business deal with M-1 Global was also announced by the new promotion. As a result of the announcement, former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko is expected to compete for the promotion sometime in the future. However, it is unknown if M-1 Global's management agreed to the deal or if it was Emelianenko's management that has made the commitment.

Wouldn't this be a storyline to spin: CroCop washes out of the UFC - or takes a sabbatical, at least - and after his departure, knocks out Fedor Emelianenko, the man who refused the UFC for their contractual obstinacy. How much would Dana White love that? He would hang that over the head of Vadim Finkelstein and M-1 until his dying breath. I can't say I totally blame him either.

On the positive side for MMA fans, at least Fedor has someone to fight other than gigantic Koreans and Kodiak bears.