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Chase Beebe Predicts Knock Out

The WEC bantanweight champ is coming in quite confident:

"I pretty much know what he has; what he's going to throw at me. He's got all kinds of slick stuff he's going to throw at me. I'm just prepared. I'm ready for whatever he's got."

While Beebe has been a dominant wrestler all his life, he believes his striking and power game will be the difference in defeating Miguel Torres in this bantamweight title fight.

"I'm seeing knockout," he said with confidence. "The more and more I think about it, I'm seeing knockout. I think the difference in this fight will be power. He's got incredible stand-up as well. I just don't think he has the power to put me away."

I honestly believe he can avoid the submission while he hurts Torres, but I wonder if he's underestimating Torres' stand-up a little.

Update [2008-2-13 14:26:3 by Nick Thomas]: Miguel Torres isn't worried:

"I’ve been training with a lot of wrestlers for this fight, working a lot on my hands, working a lot on my takedown defense and submission skills,"

"I’m not worried about getting submitted or getting knocked out. I’m more worried about him trying to stall out a decision, but I’ve been working on my game to stop that."