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New Fedor Reality Show in the Works

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And it's got Jesse Holland of MMA Mania in full-on hater mode:

In short, be prepared for fighting's most embarrassing television moment since "Iron" Mike Tyson made a guest appearance on, "Who's the Boss."

It seems M-1 Global is indeed hell-bent on delivering MMA fans the matches we've all been screaming for. After all, why bother with the likes of Josh Barnett or Antonio Silva when you can steamroll an up-and-coming fighter in front of your hometown crowd?

Even more amusing is the hackneyed narrator trying to sell us the premise as "Groundbreaking" and "The likes of which have never been seen before on American television".

Sixteen fighters compete against each other in a sequestered environment with the winner getting a title shot -- yeah ... that's as fresh as they come.

I've always been a fan of Fedor Emelianenko and there is no questioning his accomplishments in this sport. But this new endeavor carries the foul stench of network entertainment.

Fedor will continue to grin and sleep soundly in his bed of cash. He may or may not face the best competition, but it's his legacy to defend.

And he may choose to defend that legacy with little or no effort.

His fans, unfortunately, no longer have that same luxury.

You can see the preview here. Personally, I think anything that gets Fedor in front of a larger U.S. audience is peachy keen. But I don't see this being the ticket. Any one hear who's going to be airing this program? The Oxygen network? The Weather Channel?

Interesting to note that they're using a lot of PRIDE footage in the preview. I guess Zuffa didn't exactly lock up the rights in that shrewd multi-million dollar deal they cut with the yakuza.

Update [2008-2-12 16:19:46 by Nick Thomas]: The preview: