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Jamie Varner's First-Rate Preparation for WEC 32

Whether or not Varner can beat Razor Rob tomorrow night at WEC 32 remains to be seen, but it sounds as if his preparation has been excellent. He's been working his ground game such that he won the No-Gi Mundials at purple belt in his weight class. His wrestling was already fantastic, his striking is slightly overrated but serviceable, and most importantly, he's watching tape and creating a gameplan. Notable quote:

Looking to avoid the mistakes of past McCullough victims, Varner and his camp have worked diligently on devising the proper strategy for when the cage door shuts. In fact, they openly talk about what went wrong for Rich Crunkilton against McCullough.

"I don't think Crunkilton should have went in there and tried to trade kicks with a strong kickboxer," Varner explained. "He's known for his ground skills. He should have used his punches and his kicks to set up the takedowns. His ego got in the way. He's better on the ground than Razor Rob, so why play into his strength?"

Said Lally: "I thought Crunkilton would expose him a little bit. Game plans have a lot to do with this sport, too. I don't know what game plan Crunkilton was doing. Not only was he trying to stand up with Rob, but he was really unorthodox about it."

Smart, but aggressive. That's the winning wrestling way and it often works in professional MMA.