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Damacio Page Replaces Jesse Moreng At WEC 32

It's incredibly short notice, but the Greg Jackson-trained bantanweight is about as excellent a replacement as one can find on two days notice. To wit:

World Extreme Cagefighting on Monday announced that Damacio Page will step in to take the place of an injured Jesse Moreng at Wednesday's event in Albuquerque, N.M. Page will now face Scott Jorgensen in a bantamweight (135-pound) contest.

Although he's taking the fight on just two days of notice, Page told MMAWeekly that he's ready to go, as he was already preparing for another bantamweight bout scheduled for Feb. 28 in Canada.

"I've been working out and training hard. I'm feeling pretty good. I'd say I'm at 100% and ready to go."

Stepping in with Jorgensen, who has a strong wrestling base, is particularly appealing to the Greg Jackson-trained fighter.

"My conditioning is good and all that, but I especially like the way our styles match up. He's more of a wrestler and doesn't like to get hit," said Page. "If he tries to take me down, it's not going to happen. I kind of want to stand with him and bang."

Add to this fact that Page is a hometown crowd fighter, which is a small but pleasant addition to an already stacked card. I'm not sure what the WEC brass did in a former life, but their good karma is coming back to bless them time and again. Wednesday is going to be treat.