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Ever Heard of Josh Grispi?

If not, then you might after Wednesday evening. Grispi is a 19-year old kid set to make his big show debut against Mark "The Machine" Hominick at WEC 32 in Albuquerque, NM. I've seen some tape on him and he does indeed look impressive. I'm personally always skeptical of fighters when their camps say they are the next coming of BJ Penn, particularly when they've only been a fighter for a year or two and have yet to have a fight leave the first round. One can look at that as evidence of supreme talent, but I generally view that as a combination of skill and a little luck/favorable matchmaking. Still, he is a highly-touted young prospect:

"If he was in some other activity, they might call him a child prodigy," Karalexis said of Grispi, who is now 19 and preparing for his first WEC fight on Wednesday when he faces highly regarded veteran Mark Hominick in a three-round featherweight bout at the Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, N.M.

"I rave about this kid to people because I've seen close up how good he is. People kind of look at me like I'm a little crazy when they hear me talk about him, but all I say is, 'Wait until you see him.' Once you see him, you'll believe."

Because Grispi has little to lose and has yet to suffer crushing defeat, this fight has strong upset potential. Below are a few of Grispi's fights and it's clear he's got skills. Whether that will be enough to defeat the gutsy veteran in Hominick remains yet to be seen. But if the veteran Homnick treats Grispi like the veteran Yves Edwards treated Hominick, "The Machine" might be in for a sore surprise.