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Rough UFC 81 Research

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Dave Meltzer reported in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that UFC 81 did 122,000 viewers on Bravo in the UK.  That number is meaningless without context, so here is some context I found over at BARB, the closes thing I could find to Nielsen while I lived in the UK.

UFC 81:  122,000
UFC 79:  111,000
UFC 78:  61,000
UFC 77:  < 50,000
UFC 76:  79,000
UFC 74:  47,000
UFC 71:  123,000
UFC 68:  64,000

There's obviously no direct and obvious correlation, but it is close barring the Randy outliers, which are probably low because "Captain America" doesn't have the same appeal over there that he does here.  

Using this stuff to guestimate, the Lesnar show did very, very well. These numbers show that Liddell is far and away the biggest star over there, and Lesnar is the first guy to come close.