Lyoto Machida Interview - Claims he deserves Title Shot

Lyoto Machida Interview - Claims he Deserves Title Shot

Came across this interview with Lyoto Machida where he claims that he thinks after alves he should get a title shot. How is training going? How are you training different for the fight with Thiago Silva ?

Lyoto Machida: My traning is going very well, even though it has been a long time since Thiago and I were suppose to fight I am very focused and ready to fight Thiago. I am not training any different for Thiago. I have a strategy that is pretty consistent for all of my fights and I am sticking with that strategy. If you beat Thiago, are you hoping for a title shot, and would you be ok with going through someone else before a title shot?

Lyoto Machida: When I beat Thiago I feel I deserve a title shot. I have defeated many of the best guys like: Tito Oritz, Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, B.J. Penn, Thierry Sokoudjou.

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