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Quote of the Day: Dana White, The Omnicompetent

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"The reason I could see what was ahead for EliteXC was because nobody in this (freaking) planet knows this business better than I do. I built this (successful) business. Not from the ground up from beyond the basement up...We were so far underground and in the hole when we bought it. I brought this thing back from death. I know this business better than anybody does. I can sit back and see all the mistakes these guys make. I know exactly what they are going to do and I know exactly what is going to go wrong. I have been there and done that. I built (this) industry.


"I used (boxing) as the blueprint of what not to do. Boxing doesn't do what I would do if I was running one of these cards...When De La Hoya and Mayweather had their pay-per-view with over 1 million buys, he could have stacked that card with all the talent Golden Boy has. You know why he didn't? He didn't want to give up the money. Nobody in boxing is willing to invest money back into boxing's future. We do in the UFC. The money that we make we invest back into the business. We use it to help the grow the sport. Nobody in boxing is willing to do that. And because of that, in my opinion, they have no reason to sit around and (cry) their sport is dying. A lot of people love that De La Hoya is a fighter and the promoter but thing is, it leaves you short-sighted. And he only cares about himself. He knows he gets the pay-per-views when he fights but he doesn't stack the card with fights that will build future fights. You have to invest in a company and De La Hoya is not willing to do that."

-- Dana White talking to the Long Beach Press-Telegram.