WAMMA Exclusive: Aoki/Alvarez For WAMMA Belt + New WAMMA Rings

Aoki/Alvarez For WAMMA Belt Official + WAMMA Rings So Mike, it is official? The Eddie Alvarez v. Shinya Aoki fight is for the first ever WAMMA Undisputed World Lightweight Championship?

Michael Lynch: Yes, it is confirmed. WAMMA will officially be recognizing the winner of the Alvarez vs. Aoki match-up, which will take place December 31 in Saitama, Japan at the Saitama Super Arena during FEG’s “FieLDS Dynamtie!!”, as the inaugural WAMMA Undisputed World Lightweight Champion. The winner of the Alvarez vs. Aoki match-up will join WAMMA Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko as WAMMA’s second-ever undisputed champion. Emelianenko is scheduled to defend his title against former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski during Affliction’s “Day of Reckoning” event on January 24 in Anaheim, California. When will you award the belt to the winner of Eddie Alvarez v. Shinya Aoki?

Michael Lynch: After the smoke clears and a victor emerges, WAMMA will work up something special to award the belt to the winner. I am just disappointed that I could not be in Japan in person to see the fight go down. So is Dream giving up their belts for the WAMMA fight?

Michael Lynch: Absolutely not. That is part of some of the confusion with WAMMA. WAMMA isn’t trying to replace organizational titles. These titles are important for the growth of the sport. They are tremendous marketing tools. A promotion needs to have championships fights to market to television partners and fans. However, let’s say you pit promotional champ vs promotional champ. You can’t unify the two titles because both promotions need their belts for marketing purposes. But if you take the titles off the table, what are the stakes? That’s where the WAMMA title comes in. It gives promotions the ability to do inter-promotional match-ups with a title at stake without having to risk sacrificing their belt to another promotion. And remember the WAMMA title isn’t just another title - a WAMMA championship represents the very best in the sport. We are very pleased to have such a great fight like between Alvarez and Aoki will kick off the crowning of an undisputed WAMMA Champion in the lightweight division. What do you see on the horizon for WAMMA and MMA in 2009?

Michael Lynch: I think 2009 is going to be a great year for WAMMA and MMA. MMA has few problems but WAMMA believes that the potential exists for this great sport that we have all come to know and love to become bigger and better. And by growing even more, more opportunities can be created for promoters, fighters, agents and managers, trainers, and most importantly — fans. One way to grow the sport is by making the best match-ups possible — regardless of promotional affiliation. Right now the UFC is having trouble finding a strong challenge for Anderson Silva at 185 lbs. The current EliteXC champion Robbie Lawler would be a great fight for Silva. However, there is no mechanism in place for an intermediary to come in and sanction an inter-promotional matchup. That is where WAMMA comes in - helping facilitate having the best fighting the best. Could promotions come to terms without a third party involved? Possibly, but having a credible, fan and fighter-forward organization like WAMMA serve as the facilitator between two organizations helps better create the possibility of cross-promotional match-ups. When will we see WAMMA next?

Michael Lynch: Everyone at WAMMA is so incredibly pumped for Affliction: Day of Reckoning on January 24th at Honda Center in Anaheim on PPV. In addition to the great WAMMA Heavyweight Championship fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Andre Arlovski, it is our plan to award Fedor his WAMMA Championship Ring during the pre-fight festivities. The ring is awesome, made and designed by Tiffany’s, and looks as great as any Super Bowl ring.

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