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Why Any Mature or Reasonable Person Doesn't Enjoy "The Ultimate Fighter 8"

From a comment on the UG:

I feel bad that Noguiera is even associated with this. 

The entire season has been a bunch of beeped out destruction, tonight I've watched 10 minutes and I've seen people ingest piss and ejaculate.

How in the fuck can Dana say EliteXC was so terrible for the sport, then feed this to an audience with a straight face?  This is like an episode of Ren & Stimpy.  You want the sport to be taken seriously?  Try controlling your own product before you tell others how bad theirs is.

Last night was an absolute low point in civility, class and the presentation of these athletes. It's also a direct contradiction of what's being presented on I realize Spike TV has to get edgy in order to get ratings, but this is beyond the pale. They trap bored young men in a house, fuel them with alcohol to their hearts' content, encourage them to find ways around their boredom but do not mind when these fighters act in such a way as to cause revulsion to anyone with any sense of decency. And this is an improvement over the genial Kimbo Slice?

I'm done with it. Call me when the finale is on.