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UFC Offers Fight! Link Hand Held Radios at UFC 91

Cool stuff:
Ultimate Fighting Championship® fans attending the mega-fight UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Saturday night in Las Vegas now have a new way to experience the most exciting live sport in the world with "Fight! Link" In-Arena hand-held radios.

The Fight! Link devices enable fans to listen to UFC® commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, in real-time, as the action takes place in the Octagon™.

"Fight! Link gives fans watching the fights in person an opportunity to hear UFC play-by-play and commentary live, as it happens," said Dana White, UFC President. "We are an innovator in bringing the best experience to our fans and this is another way to make UFC fights even more intense."

To activate the Fight! Link radio, the user simply switches on the device and uses a fine tuner to locate the best reception inside the arena. The devices will be available on the concourse level of MGM Grand Garden Arena for a purchase price of $10.