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Snapshot of the Day: Takanori Gomi

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Top World Victory Road lightweight Takanori Gomi reacts to the judges' verdict in last night's split decision loss to underdog veteran Sergey Golyaev of Red Devil Sport Club. While the "Fireball Kid" did appear listless at times during the fight, Gomi clearly outstruck and out-grappled the Russian throughout the first and third rounds; the judges seemingly placed much emphasis on an outburst of offense from Golyaev in the second where Gomi was dropped twice, but quickly recovered both times.

In a pre-fight interview, Golyaev said that a win would garner him a title shot against the winner of WVR's now ironically titled "Road To Gomi" Lightweight Grand Prix. However following Satoru Kitaoka's GP victory over Kazunori Yokota, there was this exchange which would indicate otherwise:

“Although you lost tonight Mr. Gomi, I look forward to facing you,” Kitaoka then addressed the former Pride champion and the crowd.

A visibly upset Gomi stepped up into the ring then, congratulating Kitaoka at first on his tournament win, followed by a challenge.

“Let’s get at it. You better bring it. I’ll be waiting for you in this ring come January 4,” he said.

photo via SportsNavi