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Lee Murray's Accomplices on Trial in England

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Oh boy, news on Lee Murray a man who went the distance with Anderson Silva and threw it all away to pull off the biggest cash robbery in UK history. I'd much rather be watching Lee fight than posting about his criminal misadventures but it is what it is.

Lee's still in jail in Morocco (where he may or may not be watching his old fight videos on YouTube), but his pals are on trial. Here's an update from the BBC:

Paul Allen and Lee Murray, 29, were at the heart of the raid in Tonbridge in February 2006, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Allen, 30, of Chatham, was extradited to the UK while Mr Murray remains in a Moroccan jail.

Mr Allen is on trial along with Michael Demetris, 32, of Bromley Common, south London. Both deny conspiracy to rob, to kidnap, and to possess a firearm.

Mr Allen and Mr Demetris, a hairdresser, are accused of conspiring with five other men who were jailed in January after being found guilty of kidnap, robbery and firearms charges in connection with Britain's biggest cash raid.

I've reposted ESPN's excellent two part series on Murray in the full entry.

The Lee Murray Story from ESPN 360 Part 1

The Lee Murray Story from ESPN 360 Part 1