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Chuck and Shogun?

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According to a Sports Illustrated interview, UFC Officials are telling Chuck his next fight will be with Mauricio "Shogun" Rua:

Possibly Mauricia "Shogun" Hua. That's what they're saying. If it's the June fight, it will probably be in London. But my trainer is trying to get it moved to Vegas. Too far.

That's a much more exciting fight in my opinion, and it's a much better fight for Chuck.  Shogun's wrestling will be neutralized, and his straightforward standing style plays into Chuck's game in a way Jardine's doesn't.

One of the big factors in Shogun/Forrest was Shogun's surprising inability to pass Forrest's guard.  He spent all his energy trying and failed.  Everyone remembers the great Rampage knockout, but Shogun's ground game has played a big part in a lot of his wins, and if he couldn't dominate the ground with Forrest, I just don't see it happening with Chuck.

Still, it should be a really fun fight to watch.