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The UFC - Allegedly - Bans Affliction

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Isn't the UFC just the best team player or what? Notable quote:

We are still gathering all of the details about this story, but we have been able to confirm it with a couple of people within the MMA community. From what we're being told, the UFC is no longer allowing the clothing line Affliction to sponsor its fighters. For the past year, Affliction has been a big part of the UFC as they have sponsored many of the fighters who have fought in the UFC including current interim UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and current Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. It seems as though Affliction wore out its welcome with the UFC as soon as the UFC got wind that Affliction was planning to get into the MMA game themselves.

The word is that the UFC was not happy about Affliction starting their own fighting organization. We currently aren't sure if Affliction is partnering up with anybody or if they are going about it by themselves, but that was what we were able to confirm with our sources. Affliction has been one of the most notable names around the UFC, if you don't believe me go to a UFC event because you'll see every other person wearing an Affliction shirt.

The last fighter to actually wear Affliction during an event was Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79 where he sported Affliction on his tights and gi. If you review UFC 80 and Wednesday's Ultimate Fight Night: Swick vs. Burkman, you'll notice that Affliction was noticeably absent from any fighter's apparel.

Typical UFC protectionist nonsense. Like anyone recognizes anything about Affliction other than their awful, overly produced Gothic shirts. Oh well, this is par for the course with them. You can wear Xyience gear until they file for bankruptcy, but don't be caught dead in anything that may or may not conflict with the UFC brand. God, I cannot wait until competition makes this sort of insider bullying a cause for fighter flight. Faster, please.

On the plus side, though, tears of joy are streaming down my face with the knowledge that 2008's equivalent of trucker hats is no longer going to be forced down my throat during every UFC broadcast. Hallelujah.

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