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Gina Carano and Weight Cutting

Sam Caplan agrees that Carano is deserved of some criticism that's come her way, but not when it comes to her struggles to make weight. Notable quote:

So you have that pressure and Carano could be a victim of that pressure. EliteXC has her fighting at 140 lbs. because a lot of the best fighters are in the 135 lbs. - 140 lbs. range. There are a lot of females who fighter over 140 lbs. in Muay Thai, but nowhere near as much in MMA. Has anyone who is critical of Carano considered that maybe that 140 lbs. isn't her best weight class and that asking her to make 140 lbs. might be the same as asking someone like Matt Hughes (I'm throwing out a random example) to make 155 lbs.?

All too true and in fairness to Sam, he calls 'em like he sees 'em.  The problem is that Elite XC doesn't even really have a female division, just Gina Carano and her grappling dummies.  Worse, the highly disorganized female weight divisions of MMA were made all the more disorganized by the creation of the imaginary weight class of 140lbs.  The fact of the matter is that Carano had a weight class designed and created especially for her by Elite XC with the hopes that her size and lack of formidable/veteran opponents will enable the folks at Pro Elite to do some Roger Huerta-style build up for their poster girl.

You have two responsibilities as a fighter come fight time: make weight and fight.  That's it.  That's all the more true and pressing when a weight class is designed for express purpose of, well, you.  I understand the biological impediment Carano faces, but she is a professional athlete who knowingly signed up for her fight at that "weight class."  As difficult as the weight cut might be, I have no sympathy.