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Live Blogging UFC Fight Night 11

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Well my prefight picks on the preliminary fights were for shit. Hironaka got crushed. But here come the live fights.  I'm really enjoying the UFC Unleashed -- first time the Mrs. has seen Jon Fitch, she doesn't see him beating Diego. Me, I don't know. Was interesting to see the GSP/Serra fight again.  I forgot how long it took for Serra to start landing. And B.J Penn vs Hughes II is still a bummer. B.J. was so dominant in the first 2 rounds but after he separated his rib, it was just sad. I wish B.J. would get to take the lightweight belt away from Sherk. But alas, looks like he'll be taking the belt from Joe "Daddy" or Kenny "Ken-Flo."

So tonight we start off with Nate "the Rock" Quarry vs Pete "Drogo" Sell. Let's see if Nate can come back from two years off.

I'm picking Quarry, Diaz (but expecting a big showing from Assuncao), Martin, and Thomas.

Nate Quarry vs. Pete Sell

This is a rematch of a fight that ended with a somewhat controversial ref stop. Hard to believe that Quarry contended for the title only 24 months ago. That was a very different, pre-PRIDE influx, UFC. Sounds like Joe Rogan's mic is off. The magic of live television. Hope they fix that.

Uh oh, Mario Yamasaki's in the ring, the man that just wouldn't stop the fights this weekend in Hawaii. Guess we won't have any Herb Dean style early stops tonight.

Sell catches Quarry with an early straight right, pushes him against the cage. Still no commenting. Sell gets the takedown. Quarry gets back to his feet. Yamasaki breaks up the clinch. Quarry doesn't look like the old Nate. My wie is calling the fight pretty well in the absence of Rogan and Goldberg. Sell has Quarry bloodied up against the fence. Sell is bleeding from Quarry's punches. Good slug fest. Sell tags Quarry with another right. Round ends, hard to score, I'll say 10-9 Sell.

Round two and the announcers are back. Good thing cause the Mrs. went to bed. Sell knocks Quarry down with some hard shots but Quarry jumped back up. Sell is grinning as they stand and trade. Quarry landing leg kicks. Sell gets a takedown against the fence, goes for a guillotine. Quarry stands up. Quarry really seems like he doesn't have the same killer instinct he had a couple years ago. Quarry landing some leg kicks, maybe he'll turn this around. I score this one 10-8 Sell. Big lead going into the final round.

Quarry throwing kicks and eating leather from Sell as they trade. Quarry knocks him the efff out with a right to the chin! and Mario doesn't stop the fight, forcing Quarry to throw an unnecesary shot to an unconcious Sell on the ground. Mario is a terrible ref. Worse than Herb Dean.

Junior Assuncao vs. Nate Diaz

Alright, here comes TUF 5 champ Nate Diaz against "dangerous Brazilian" Junior Assuncao. Junio lands some wicked leg kicks before Diaz muscles him into the fence. "Capoeira background"? News to me. Diaz landing lefts to the face while he's got Assuncao pinned to the fence. Junior reverses and gets his back, Diaz goes for a kimura and takes Junior down but Assuncao has his back. Junior gets top position but Diaz stands up. Junior gets a single leg while Diaz goes for another kimura. We're in Nate's 1/2 guard while Nate fights to get the hold locked in. Junior rolls to Nate's back. Nice tussle here. Nate stands back up, Junior landing knees. Nate ROCKS Junior with a nice punch combo then goes for a guillotine. Nate gets the tap out. NICE PERFORMANCE by Diaz.

Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin

Here comes the Crippler. Boy I love to watch Leben get hit in the face. Ever since he pissed on the dude's pillow I've loved to hate Leben. Terry Martin has been a real run lately, his hot streak matching Leben's cold steak. Leben overacting during the staredown. Martin is dismissive. Martin lands a shot and gets the take down. In Leben's guard. The Crippler is doing a good job of controlling Martin's posture. Leben is looking for an armbar. Martin should et back to his feet, the jiu jitsu game is not where he wants to be. Back to their feet. Martin swings big and misses but catches him with a couple lefts. Leben landing some knees. Rogan likes Leben's composure. Martin tries and fails to get a takedown. They're clinched against the fence. Martin gets Leben elevated and gets the slam -- plus Leben is penalized a point for fence grabbing. Back to their feet. Leben's landing knees, Martin is throwing punches. Footstomps by Leben to end the round. 10-8 round for Martin with the penalty point.

Leben is footstomping again. Rogan says Martin is shocked that Leben is still in it. Martin isn't looking too confident. Rogan is right about that. Leben pushes into the fence and gets more footstomps. Martin lands a left to the body and pushes Leben into the fence, Leben reverses. Who'd have thought that Leben would be the thinking man's fighter? Martin gets the takedown with a trip. Leben is using a controlling guard, and goes for a triangle! Martin is hanging on with 30 seconds left! Twenty seconds! Ten! Martin survives! 10-9 for Leben. That penalty point is going to hurt.

Martin lands a nice uppercut to start the round. Left hook, more uppercuts. Leben falls trying for a trip, Martin gets head control. Martin lands a right and a shot to the body. Leben lands a knee. Martin gets a take down, but Leben's guard might not be where he wants to be. Will Martin lay and pray for the win? Leben fights back to his feet and lands a left. Martin landing punches. Leben tries to trip Martin and Terry flips it over to land in Leben's guard. Leben tries and arm bar and they stand back up. Martin lands a BIG right but Leben fires right back and knocks Martin the fuck out with a left hook! DAMN! Great fight by Leben. Great fight by both fighters but Leben pulled it out. Damn and double damn.

Kenny Florian vs. Din Thomas

Here comes our main event. Hard to see how it will top the Leben/Martin fight for drama. Wonder if they'll air one of the prelims first. Nope. Here comes the main event. Uh oh, Din's wearing white trunks, wonder if they'll turn pink with BLOOD before the night is over. Double uh oh, it's Mario Yamasaki in the ring. No early stops for this one. Florian looks pretty wound up. Din looks serious. Florian throwing kicks to start it out. Din grew out his hair to avoid getting cut by Florian's elbows! Thomas lands some punches. Florian lands low blow kick. Ouch! They restart. Ken Flo falls after throwing a kick, Din lands in his guard. They stand back up. Din mocks Florian for running away and Kenny gets a take down! Damn! Din trips him and they're back to their feet. Din shoots gets stuffed Florian throwing punches. Din turtling but Mario is letting it go and go and go. Florian gets Din's back and the rear naked. It's over. Florian is headed up the lightweight ranks. Din Thomas' run at the belt has been stopped. Looks like Din hurt his knee on that last shot for the takedown. Bummer. Good job by Florian.