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UFC 76 & UFC Fight Night Conference Call Notes

Chuck Liddell, Keith Jardine and Kenny Florian were on the call.  Dana White was not.

UFC 76 Conference Call Notes

1.  Chuck says that after his loss to Rampage he was ready to fight anyone, but that it's up to the UFC to decide who.  Says Rampage had a good fight that night and he didn't.  Says he was definitely ready for the fight and wouldn't have been out there if he wasn't ready to fight.

2.  Chuck says even though he's a contender, nothing's really changed.  He's always shooting for something better.  As a contender there are more options out there to fight.  He also thinks he can fight more regularly.

After being asked if his Mohawk was permanent, Chuck says he's had it since 92 and it's not going anywhere.

3.  Chuck says the loss to Quinton isn't in his head and that he's been ready to fight again.  Says as a fighter you have to put losses away mentally.  Says if a loss bothers you then you aren't ready to fight and you can run into problems.

Chuck says there's nothing exact about the way he puts losses away.  He just keeps an outlook that recognizes dwelling on losses can only hurt, not help.

4.  Kenny says bringing in a full time strength and conditioning coach helped a lot.  Now he's got a full training program every day, whether that's getting the proper nutrition to working out regularly.

5.  Jardine says in coming back from the loss to Alexander he's had no time off.  Says he was back in the training room 3 days after the loss and has been training ever since.  Says he lost focus and got caught.  Says in his heart he believes he wins that fight 99 times out of 100.

6.  When asked who Chuck would like to fight down the road, Chuck says he's not worried about what's next until fight with Keith is over.

7.  Heading into his bout with Alexander, Jardine says he lost "that excitement."  He also says he does see a lot of wholes in Chuck's game, but adds that there's a difference between seeing a lot of things tape and how it actually goes in the ring.

8.  Kenny responds to a question about how or if he's earned people's respect by simply saying he thinks he has, but all he was to do is keep winning fights and "keep punching through."

Says Din is skilled on the ground, trains with a great team, and that he expects Din to be very strong on the ground.  Says he actually has more experience on the ground than Din.  Without revealing a specific gameplan, so if he is constantly attacking then Din will be constantly defending and he believes he can get him to make a mistake or break from the pressure.

9.  In explaining his loss to Rampage to his kids, Chuck says they understand. Says they've watched him fight since they were little and that they don't really care: he's just Dad to them.

Says the UFC's signing of Wanderlei Silva is great, that he's a great fighter and that he's glad he's part of the UFC light heavyweight division..  

10.  Responding to previous allegations that his lifestyle affected his performance at UFC 71, Chuck admits he's at the clubs, but that he's drinking water. Says he goes to bed late, but also gets up late when he's preparing for a fight.  Says he doesn't drink at least a month before the fight and probably has only 3 drinks in the 3 months before a fight.  Says loss to rampage had nothing to do with that fight and that he was in great shape and prepared.

Chuck says he's committed to getting the title back.

11.  Chuck says he comes back from losses by getting mental focus.  Says you have to know mentally you know you can comeback and that experience coming back from losses helps, but it's the outlook that matters.  Dwelling on losses never help you.

12.  Keith says when he got the call asking if he wanted to fight Chuck he thought it was a joke, but says he is prepared to do whatever he needed to so he can win again in the UFC.

13.  Kenny says every fight is important as title shot.  Doesn't know how the title shot picture is going to play out, but that "This is my title fight right now."  Says there are a lot of top guys who might get a shot next, like Joe Stevenson or maybe the winner of his fight with Din.

14.  In giving advice to the fighters on the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter, Jardine says to use the opportunity to become full time fighter.  Kenny says take advantage of opportunity to train with the best guys, to exploit the exposure, and remember why you're on the show and what you want to do.

15.  Keith says Chuck Liddell is one of the best fighters in the world who knows how to win and how to prepare.  Says he's sure Chuck is approaching this fight like normal.

When asked to elaborate on losing "the excitement", says fighting Alexander -a guy he's never heard of - he just wasn't excited and wasn't having fun.  Says that's all changed now, both because he's changed his outlook and because he's fighting Chuck.

16.  Chuck says there are only modest modifications to how he's training for this fight versus previous fights.  Says watching Randy's not affecting his decision to decide how long he fights.  Says it's all about fighting as long as his body lets him and that if he can perform like Randy  does at 45, he'll be around.

17.  Chuck says he's not trying to make a statement in this fight.  He says he wants to win big and look good, but doesn't think that will be a problem: "It's not something I worry about."  Says if the fight goes his way, he's sure it'll be exciting.

18.  Jardine says he didn't watch Alexander's last fight because he was at a football game..

19.  Jardine says when he started training again after the loss to Alexander, he was helping other fighters get ready and that training to help them was fun.  Says he got specific for his fight 7 or 8 weeks out.  Says he's not burned out at all.

Jardine adds that some people make the mistake of training strictly for fights.  Says when you work on developing your skill set, that's when you're having fun and when you get better.

20.  Kenny says the lightweight division is exciting and that he gets to challenge himself.  Admits the division is stacked, but adds that the challenges give him incentive.  Says no matter what happens there are "Plenty of challenges left for me."

When asked to comment on the Hamill vs. Bisping decision, says it's important to not let a fight go to the judges.  Says it's close, but he thought Hamill won.  Says, though, there are bad calls or decisions in all sports.  Says the outcome of a decision just depends on the night and who is out there.

21.  Chuck says he'll fight anyone they want him to fight.  Says he's disappointed about losing a fight and not having a title, but that he'll keep working at it until he gets it again.

22.  When asked if trying to finish a fight can cause error, Kenny says going for broke to finish the fight can raise the risk, but says it's a balancing act between trying to finish and not overextending yourself..  Says you can't do things in a fight you haven't practiced.  Adds that if you train to finish fights, you'll probably get the decision anyway.

Chuck also says if you are not finishing the fight is in your game plan, check your gameplan.

23.  Chuck talks about The Ultimate Fighter reality show, saying it's more about the fights now.  Says the first season would have fights every other show, but now they do it everytime.  Says the show is evolving and is a great way to introduce new guys.  Says he doesn't know if he'd coach again, but adds that no ones asked him to be a coach recently.

24.  Kenny says he doesn't see people talking about steroids a lot on the "inside" of MMA.  Says steroid use is not out in the open in MMA or anywhere.  Says use is something people choose and that he thinks it's cheating.  

When asked if there were a code among fighters to not snitch, Kenny says he's not sure if there's a code.  Says that, regardless, "I'm not going to name names."  Says he worries about what he's doing and that, "Who am I to say who's doing what?"

Chuck adds that its not his job to worry about what other people are doing.  Unless you know the guy really well, it's speculation anyway.  

25.  Kenny says you can't realistically expect to test everyone for steroid use all the time  He believes that random testing keeps people on their toes.  Says finding a good testing method is also about being practical.  Personally, says, "I'd like to see one random test a year."

Jardine says he thinks the current way fighters are tested is fine: "I don't think there's a problem."  Says the penalty is also a big incentive not to use because most fighters don't make a lot of money and have to fight several times a year and that "I can't risk being out for a year."

Chuck believes the penalty - suspension for a year -  will teach guys really quick.  It's enough of an incentive for him and people he knows to not want to use.