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Buncha Matchups Announced

So while I've been jerking off playing madlibs and MMA history lesson, there has been a flurry of announcements of upcoming UFC matchups:

Josh Burkman vs TBA at UFC 77.
I'd like to see him fight Roan Carneiro and the loser goes to WEC.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer
The winner of this fight will still be 4 (if it's Bonner) or 5 (if it's Schafer) wins away from contention. But could be an interesting scrap.

Marvin Eastman vs Demian Maia
I already posted about this I think but I didn't comment on the implications. I'd like to see the winner of this one against Terry Martin (after Martin beheads Leben).

Jorge Gurgel vs Doug Evans
Glad to see Evans getting a second shot. Can't really fathom what this match means in the jacked up lightweight division but the winner will be behind Penn, Florian/Thomas, Stevenson/Pellegrino, Guida/Aguilar, Griffin/Tavares, Edgar and Huerta in the title hunt.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Nate Mohr
The loser of this one is headed for the WEC. Winner is 6 to 7 wins out of contention.

Update [2007-8-9 15:38:25 by Kid Nate]: I forgot to mention some assorted smack talk:

Dan Henderson calls Rampage "sloppy"
Ah Dan, god bless my man.

Patrick Cote predicts quick finish against Kendall Grove
Gotta agree with you there Pat, unfortunately I think you'll be the one going out.

Joe Stevenson is in line for a title shot with a win over Pellegrino
I wouldn't be looking past Batman if I were you Joe Daddy.