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Greg Jackson on Diego: "We _____ him to death."

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Let's play madlibs with this Greg Jackson interview on his star Diego Sanchez quitting the team:

"Diego has moved to California to ___ with his __ out there," said Jackson. "He's always a __ of the __, but he's going to __ out there for a while. We __ him to death, he still __ us; it's just kind of a thing where he wants to get out there and get to know his __ and __ a good _. He's such a __ _ and we all __ him to death, the whole team, and we wish him the __ of __ while he's out there and can't wait for him to __ __."

Sanchez, who is slated to take on Jon Fitch at UFC 76, has trained with Greg Jackson his entire career and this will be the first camp where the guru from New Mexico won't be present.

"I know he's working with Rob Garcia," stated Jackson about Sanchez's new training camp. "He's a __ ___ and a __ _ and they told me he's going to __ __ some other __ out there and there's always lots of ___ and stuff going on in California. And I'm sure he'll always __ __ __, if he __ us, we'll always be __ for him."

Despite reports that the split was not amicable, Jackson insists that he supports Diego's decision and would welcome him back at his camp anytime.

"No hard ___, no ____, we __ him to death," said Jackson

Jackson has also been omnipresent in the corner of Diego Sanchez during his rise from The Ultimate Fighter show to currently being ranked #6 in the MMAWeekly World Rankings, but he will be absent in that role as well for his upcoming bout with Fitch.

"He'll have Rob there and Rob's __," said Jackson about who will be in Diego's corner. "But I already have my __ ___ with Leonard Garcia and Keith Jardine that same night."

Put your answers in the comments. Best madlibs win a prize.

Update [2007-8-9 13:43:46 by Kid Nate]: Don't let Fightlinker win. He's the only entrant so far.

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