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Dean Lister Trains With CroCop

From a thread he posted on the legendary UnderGround:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to wish all my friends who are waiting for my gym to open up, all the best and assurance it will happen and soon,

All my friends training for fights, I wish I could be there but I cannot turn down an opportunity to go train with Cro Cop. I leave in three hours, its sudden but something that will be a great experience I'm sure.

take care and see everyone in 5 weeks, later

CroCop (and Lister) is making all the right moves after suffering the devastating loss to Gabriel Gonzaga.  And really, that's always been CroCop's style.  He's suffered a few notable losses that wound up serving as diagnostics about his in-ring ability.  Now that he understands how important the cage, wrestling, and defensive ground work can be, he's doing everything in his power to bring his skills up to speed.  Cheick Kongo's going to have his work cut out for him.

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