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Strikeforce Makes A Brilliant Move

Not one brilliant move.  Two.  Sam Caplan explains it best.  Notable quote:

Former Pride lightweight title contender Gilbert Melendez will be returning to his roots when he fights for the Strikeforce promotion on September 29 in Beverly Hills, Calif. at the Playboy Mansion.

Yes, you read that right: the Playboy Mansion. MMA and an abundance of fake breasts is a brilliant combination. Scott Coker is a genius. There's going to be a ton of celebs there and media requests from all over.

Indeed.  The Playboy Mansion is the epitome of cool, at least by our current cultural standards.  I don't know if that's an indictment or a mere observation, but whatever the case, Sam's right that media and celebs will be in adundance.  Kudos to Strikeforce for adapting their business tactics in the wake of the UFC's quest for dominance.  

Furthermore, Gilbert Melendez is finally fighting again.  Melendez fights out of the Cesar Gracie camp and easily one of the top 5 lightweights in the world.  His battle last year with Tatsuya Kawajiri was nothing short of incredible.  Sprawl N' Brawl has more on Melendez.

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