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Joe Riggs vs. Mayhem Miller

The Fight Network is reporting this fight is set to take place at the next WEC event.  Notable quote:

"My training is kinda stagnant right now, but I'm getting ready to shoot up to Ohio to train with Rich Franklin and Jorge Gurgel," said Riggs. "When I get up there I really focus as a fighter and excel in my training."

A power puncher at any weight his sledgehammer hands have tried, Riggs will find a studied jiu-jitsu practitioner with improving stand-up skills in Team Quest's Miller (19-5).

"Stylistically, it's a good match for me," said the Cactus High School wrestling standout. "He can't take me down. I'm going to punish him on the ground."

Miller, 26, did not confirm the match-up, though he revealed that he is preparing for his next bout since clinching a unanimous decision victory over Hiromitsu Miura (4-4) at WEC 27 in May.

"I've been trainin' in my backyard with a banana tree that I kick and climb once in a while," said the rambunctious Miller. "I also have a tire that I lift and swing around. I watch a lot of Charles Bronson videos, and work out with Balki Bartokomous from `Perfect Strangers.'"

I've always had a fondness for Riggs, so naturally I hate watching him lose.  A fight with Mayhem will be tough, and should he lose here it's not clear where he can go in his career.  The fight will be at 185lbs, so Riggs will have his strength and speed to defend the unorthodox and wiry Miller.  And Riggs is by far the dominant wrestler of the two.  I just wonder if Riggs can actually KO Miller.  Trigg came pretty close, but soccer kicks won't be allowed in this fight.

Of course, if Riggs can put this win on his resume - and believe me, he can - then to the victor go the spoils.  This is just the win that Riggs needs to get his career back on track.

Oh yeah, and if I had to guess, I'm banking on this fight being a barn burner.  Their styles match up well.  If Riggs wants to bang, Miller's always game.  If Miller wants the takedown, he's going to have to earn it.  If Miller wants the submission, he'll have to watch out for Diesel's devastating ground and pound.

Lastly, kudos to the WEC for putting on excellent fights show after show.  I've been impressed with their product so far and they're showing no signs of slowing down.