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"You Don't Burn Bridges With Dana"

Josh Barnett continued the "he said/he said" after Dana's remarks yesterday at the UFC 75 conference call, "Nobody gives a shit about Josh Barnett, especially me."

In an interview with Sam Caplan, Josh said:

"He cared," Barnett responded after White's quote was read. "He gives a shit because if he didn't he wouldn't say anything and he wouldn't get so worked up about it. He only uses his coveted swear words at important moments like when he tries to get fighters pumped up or gives them pep talks."

Five Ounces Of Pain then asked Barnett if he was still in negotiations at the time of his original comments.

"I was not negotiating with the UFC at the time of the comments but I can't really talk about all the negotiations that I've been involved with and will be involved with at this point," he answered.

When asked if he felt there was still a chance he could sign with the UFC, Barnett didn't rule it out.

"I could always sign with the UFC," responded Barnett. "It's only a matter of making things work right for the both of us."

Furthermore, Barnett doesn't believe he burned a bridge with the UFC with the negative comments he made towards Couture.

"You don't burn bridges with Dana," the youngest heavyweight champion in UFC history stated. "If you can make him money, he puts you in there. If he thinks he's going to get rich, he uses you or in some instances he has his guys that he calls his `boys,' or whatever. He knows where his bread is buttered and if he sees green -- it's a go. Randy got an instant title shot coming out of retirement. You know why? Because he saw green.

Zach Arnold disagrees, "We aren’t going to see Josh Barnett ever in UFC."

To me it all comes down to whether the UFC signs Fedor or not. If they don't, I hope Josh stays out there so he can finally fight Fedor. If Fedor comes on board, let's bring in Josh and see who takes it.

In the short term, a rumored match with Don Frye might be a good "work" out for Josh.

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