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This is Russian for "Wishful Thinking"

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According to some yokel in the Sherdog forums this says Fedor is about to sign with the UFC:

Переговоры приближаются к финальной стадии
Вадим Финкельштейн сейчас находится в Лос-Анджелесе, где в данный момент продолжаются переговоры с президентом американской организации UFC, Даной Вайтом. Стороны идут на встречу друг другу. Возможно скорое завершение переговоров. Все подробности станут известны чуть позже.

But it might say, "American fight fans are stupid gullible fools, they are!"

Here's what Babelfish says this says:

Negotiations approach a final stage Vadim finkel'shteyn now it is located in Los Angeles, where at the given moment continue negotiations with the President of the American organization UFC, Danoy for the isle of wight. Sides go to the encounter to each other. The fastest possible completion of negotiations. All details will become known only later.

According to the ever reliable Frank Trigg radio show:

Tagg Radio has heard from a very reliable source in Fedor's camp that the UFC has offered Fedor Emelianenko two million dollars per fight for four fights. Fedor's deal will also allow him to fight in Russia. Emelianenko's camp is on their way back to Russia to as we speak to hopefully seal the deal.

Yeah, I'm a mark but I want to see Captain America separate Fedor from his myth of invincibility so bad, I'm willing to rumor monger.

Update [2007-9-1 20:24:20 by Kid Nate]: Looks like it was all bull. They're still nowhere near reaching a deal. Bummer.