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Bad Analysis is Easy

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Irish Whip Fighting has a really ignant ass analysis of the impact of GSP's beat down of Kos on the UFC welterweight division:

after St. Pierre's dismantling of Koscheck, it's obvious that St. Pierre and Hughes are the only guys who deserve to be on the top of that division. Not Sanchez, not Kos, not Parisyan, and certainly none of the other guys who were said to be in line for a title shot. Just the best of the best. Had Koscheck won the fight on Saturday, it would've taken even more legitimacy from the division and possibly...just possibly set up for Koscheck-Serra. Instead of being forced to witness that eyesore, it looks as if we're on track for GSP-Hughes III, which is the best fight for the fighters, the fans, and of course, the sport.

I agree about the prospect of a Serra-Koscheck title fight being a nightmare we're better off missing out on. But everything else he says is stupid.

Hughes is old, played out, two-dimensional at best and might not even beat Serra. GSP destroyed him and I think Kos and Fitch would as well. Karo or Diego could easily give Hughes a run too.

And I think after Fitch crushes Diego, he'll go on to beat the winner of Karo/Sakurai (which will be Karo) and will provide GSP a very very tough first title defense.

I might be wrong on every single prediction I just made, but there is no doubt in my mind that Hughes is only the 3rd or 4th toughest fighter in the UFC welterweight division right now.